5 Star Clean By steam – a trendsetter since 2000. The most dynamic and innovative cleaning company in Ireland offering exceptional quality of services, reliability and exemplary customer care. Our operation and portfolio of clients have continuously expanded incorporating organisations in both the private and public sectors.

Our domestic cleaning range makes an essential part of our growth and market share providing tailor-made cleaning services to proprietors across Ireland and excellent customer support before and after our visitation.

We believe that a good on-going relationship with our clients is vital to providing excellent service and have therefore committed on-going resources at a senior level to ensure high standards are met throughout all our client-contracts. Quality and performance are constantly monitored and maintained by our experienced on-site supervisors in addition to further auditing by two levels of management.

5 Star Quality

Every time you book a service with us, we’ll send you qualified and experienced cleaning professionals. With high-tech cleaning equipment, we’re a cut above the best.

Reasonable Pricing

We offer excellent packages and affordable rates that meet our customers’ needs. We don’t believe in hidden charges!

Real-time Customer Support

Got a question? Don’t keep it to yourself. Start a chat or call us to get a quick and simple answer.

5 Star Guarantee

We guarantee your satisfaction. If we get something wrong, we’ll come back and re-do it for free. We’re called 5 Star for a reason!